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ICS4C 2017-2018 Sem 2

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Computer Programming, Grade 12

College Preparation

This course further develops students’ computer programming skills. Students will learn object-oriented programming concepts, create object-oriented software solutions, and design graphical user interfaces. Student teams will plan and carry out a software development project using industry-standard programming tools and proper project management techniques. Students will also investigate ethical issues in computing and expand their understanding of environmental issues, emerging technologies, and computer-related careers.


General Course Outline

1 Review ICS3C/3U (Part 1) IPO, Selection, Repetition
2 Review Subroutines  
File Input/Output file handles, read file, write file


Unit 4: Arrays

Review: Arrays
  1. Java Arrays - Intro
  2. Exercises - Arrays
  Review: Working with Arrays
  1. Presentation - Working with Arrays
  2. Continue with Exercises - Arrays
  Multi-dimensional Arrays Multi-dimensional Arrays VT - Multi-Dimensional Arrays
Arrays of Objects Arrays of Objects VT - Arrays of Objects
  Assignment: Chess    


Unit 1: Review fundamental skills in Turing, Text File Operations, Intro to Objects

Date Topic
Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework Resources


  1. Introduction to Course
  2. File Organization & History
  3. Turing Programming Environment
  4. Edmodo
  1. Presentation - Introduction to Course
  2. Read [Note - File Organization & History] and setup your file structure
  3. Read [Note - Install Turing] and install the Turing IDE
  4. Register for Edmodo and connect to course

All Turing Lessons


Review Programming Concepts

  • input & output
  • variables & calculations

Review Exercises:

Turing Lessons: IPO

Review Programming Concepts

  • selection (if/else)

Review Exercises:

Turing Lessons: Selection

Review Programming Concepts

  • repetition (loops)

Review Exercises:

Turing Lessons: Repetition

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