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Trig Test 2 Pointers W2009

Page history last edited by Steve Sweeney 11 years, 4 months ago
  1. Angles in standard position
    1. principal angle
    2. coterminal angle(s) for positive or negative angles
    3. related acute angle
  2. Trig ratios for any angle
    1. trig ratios in terms of x, y, and r
    2. CAST rule
    3. finding two solutions given any single trig ratio
  3. Special triangles and special angles
    1. draw the special triangles
    2. state exact trig ratios for special angles (using related acute angle if necessary)
    3. given exact trig ratios, determine the unknown angle(s)
  4. Periodic Functions
    1. identify periodic behaviour
    2. terminology - cycle, period, amplitude
    3. apply periodic behaviour to sinusoidal functions (i.e., the values repeat in a regular pattern)
  5. Graphs of trigonometric functions
    1. base graphs from exact values
    2. identify transformations given an equation
      1. convert an equation to standard form
    3. graph a transformed function
  6. Equations of trigonometric functions
    1. determine the equation of a sinusoidal function given:
      1. a description of parameters such as amplitude, period, etc.
      2. a graph of a periodic phenomenon
    2. express equations as either sine or cosine, as requested (they are interchangable)
  7. Applications of Periodic Functions
    1. answer questions based on a given situation, graph, equation and relate to a real-life situation
    2. produce a graph and/or equation based on real data and interpret


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