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ICS4U Winter 2010

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Computer Science, Grade 12 - University Preparation


"This course enables students to further develop knowledge and skills in computer science. Students will use modular design principles to create complex and fully documented programs, according to industry standards. Student teams will manage a large software development project, from planning through to project review. Students will also analyse algorithms for effectiveness. They will investigate ethical issues in computing and further explore environmental issues, emerging technologies, areas of research in computer science, and careers in the field."


Mark Breakdown by Levels


´╗┐Course Schedule

Date Topic Materials Assigned Work
J14 Written Exam    
Practical (lab) Exam
Quicksort   Assignment - Compare Sorting Algorithms



Implementing Recursive Algorithms    
M17 Introduction to Recursion   Exercises with lesson



  1. Complete Shell Sort exercises
  2. Sorting Game
M12 Shell Sort Shell Sort Design & Implementation

Selection Sort

Bubble Sort

Sorting Algorithm Animations
Exercises with each lesson
M10 Insertion Sort   Exercises included with lesson
M07 Binary Search   Exercises included with lesson
M06 Sequential Search   Exercises included with lesson



String Exercise/Assignment   Java - String Exercises
A30 StringTokenizer Class in Java   Exercises included with lesson
A29 String Methods in Java   Exercises included with lesson
A28 Strings as Objects in Java   Exercises included with lesson
A23 Arrays of Objects in Java  

Read about constants in Java

Arrays - Assignment

A22 Multi-dimensional Arrays in Java   Exercises at end of PDF lesson
A21 Array Basics in Java

Exercises at end of PDF lesson

Hand in # 5

A20 Arrays in Java Intro to Arrays in Turing

Review 1-D Arrays in Turing (optional)

Read "Blue Pelican Java" pages 18-1 to 18-3

p.18-6 # 1 - 8



Work on Rectangle Class
A15 Classes & Objects - Class Methods    




Classes & Objects - Displaying & Comparing
A08 Classes & Objects - Hiding Information   Assignment - Rectangle Class
A07   A free Java text (pdf) has been placed in the Handout folder \Java Continue to review Classes/Objects/Methods by reading Ch.15 from the Blue Pelican Java text.
A01 Classes & Objects - Constructor Methods   Java Code - Fraction Class
M31 Robocode Robocode Tutorial  
M30 Classes & Objects - Instance Methods    
M29 Classes & Objects - Creating Objects



Methods Exercise - Prime Numbers   Exercise - Factors & Prime Numbers



Introduction to Robocode

Official Robocode Website

Another Robocode Tutorial

My First Robot Tutorial

Official Robocode Tutorial

Run Robocode from the directory in the Handout folder

Methods Assignment - Pascal's Triangle
Read this short article on writing good code Assignment - Pascal's Triangle.pdf  
M09 Method design - leastFactor
Method Design - leastFactor.pdf   implement & test the leastFactor method
M08 Test - Java & Programming Concepts    
M05 Methods - Scope Methods 03 - Scope.pdf   
M04 Methods - Overloading Methods 04 - Overloading.pdf   
M02 Methods That Return Values Methods 02 - Return Values.pdf 

Java Exercises - Methods # 2

Questions at end of lesson

M01 Methods - Basic Properties & Parameter Passing Methods 01 - Basics.pdf 

Answer questions at end of lesson

Read this article and implement "FizzBuzz" in Java

Java Exercises - Methods # 1

F25-26     Java Exercises - Math Operations
Java Exercises - Selection
Java Exercises - Repetition
F23-24 Assignment (from Grade 11):  Guessing Game   Assignment - Guessing Game
Due at the end of the period (Feb.23)
F22 Math, If, Loops 04 Math in Java
05 If Statements
06 Loops in Java
Exercises - Intro to Counted Loops # 2, 5
Exercises - Random Values # 1, 2, 3
Exercises - Selection # 1, 2
Exercise 11 - Conditional Loops 

01 - A First Program with Simple Output.pdf 

02 Data Types & Variables - ICS4U.pdf 

03 Input & Output of Variables - ICS4U.pdf

Input-Output program exercises
F16 to F18 Getting Started With Java   Getting Started With Java
F11     Assignment # 1 - Portfolio
F10 Program Design Alice - Program Design.pdf Alice Exercises - Creating Methods # 7,8
Do a pseudocode design on paper or using a world processor for #8 before you create the code
F09   Alice Tips - Setting the Initial Scene Finish Alice Exercises - Creating Methods #4, 5, 6
F08 Creating Methods in Alice Alice - Object Methods.pdf Alice Tutorial - Creating Methods
Alice Exercises - Creating Methods # 4, 5, 6
F05   Interactions Between Objects in Alice  
F04 Sequencing and Composite Objects in Alice Alice - Sequencing and Composite Objects See lesson for exercises
Save in \Alice\F04

Alice Concepts:

Dimensions (height, width, depth)

Directions (up, down, left, right, forward, back)

Alice - Dimensions & Directions


Advanced Tutorial on Objects in 3D Space

Exercises from Alice - Dimensions & Directions.
Save in \Alice\F03
F02 Getting Started with Alice

Getting Started with Alice


Alice is free to download:

Download Alice 2.2
F01 Introduction to ICS3U/4U


Complete the survey at:



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