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Assignment - Events - Troll vs Toys

Page history last edited by Steve Sweeney 10 years, 7 months ago

Initial Scene:


A troll sitting in the middle of a room with 3 different child’s toys on the floor around the troll.




Write a program so that when the user clicks on a toy, the troll moves to the toy, points his/her club

at the toy and the toy disappears. The troll then returns to his/her original position in the room

and waits until the user clicks on the next toy.




Level 1 - create initial scene, toy(s) disappear when the world starts (no clicking by user)

Level 2 - multiple or single event handler, some errors

Level 3 - toy clicked on disappears when the user clicks on it - multiple event handlers - correct implementation

Level 4 - toy clicked on disappears when the user clicks on it - single event handler


Animation and overall presentation quality will determine adjustments to your grade level.

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