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SNC1D W2011

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SNC1D - Science (Academic, Grade 9)


This course enables students to develop their understanding of basic concepts in biology, chemistry, earth and space science, and physics, and to relate science to technology, society, and the environment. Throughout the course, students will develop their skills in the processes of scientific investigation. Students will acquire an understanding of scientific theories and conduct investigations related to sustainable ecosystems; atomic and molecular structures and the properties of elements and compounds; the study of the universe and its properties and components; and the principles of electricity.


Prerequisite: None


This page will have a daily breakdown of the course.  Most recent classes are at the top of the page, while the older classes get pushed to the bottom.


The beginning of each unit will be marked in blue.

Evaluations (e.g., tests, assignments, quizzes) will be marked in red.

Returned evaluations with be marked in purple.

Date Topic / Lesson
Resources Assigned Work
J22 Final Exam - Wed, June 22 @ 1pm    
J17 Summative - Lab Exam    





Full Course Review Checklists

Blank Periodic Table


Bioaccumulation & Bioamplification
Handout - Biomagnification
Assignment - due Friday



Energy Movement through Food Chains    
M30 Food Chains & Food Webs   WS - Classification of Organisms
M27 Introduction to Ecosystems & Ecology   WS - Biotic & Abiotic Interactions
  Unit 4 - Ecosystems
M26 Test - Astronomy    
M24 Review    
M19 Formation of the Universe  

Read p.507-512

Answer p.512 # 1-5

M18 The Expanding Universe   Answer p.506 # 1-4
M17 Galaxies Article - 10 Things You Don't Know About the Milky Way Galaxy
Answer p.502 # 1-6
M16 Measuring Distances to Stars Image - Distance Reached by Radio Broadcasts From Earth

Read p.488-494

Answer p.494 # 1-5

M13 Formation of Stars & Planets Article: Galaxy May Swarm With Billions of Wandering Planets

Read p.474

Do Investigation 14-C on p.476-477 (including questions 1, 2)

Read p.478-479
Answer p.482 #1-6

M12 Evolution of Stars  

Read p.468-473

Answer p.473 # 1-6

M11 Properties of Stars, Part II Planet & Star Size Comparison Video

Read p.462-467

Use p.467 to complete H-R diagram

Answer p.467 # 5, 6

M09 Properties of Stars, Part I    
M06 Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors  

p.456 #5

p.458-459 #7, 8, 9b

M05 The Planets of the Solar System    
M04 Activity - Build a Planetary Database    
M03 The Moon    
M02 The Sun    
A29 Heliocentric (Sun-centred) Theories of Celestial Motion

Animation of Retrograde Motion

(explains both Geocentric & Heliocentric)

Complete back of WS (heliocentric retrograde diagram)

Answer p.442 # 3, 4, 5, 7

A28 Geocentric (Earth-centred) Theories of Celestial Motion  

Read p.434-442

Complete front of WS (geocentric diagram)

Answer p.442 # 1-3

Making Observations & Asking Questions about Astronomy  

read p.430-433

answer p.431 # 1   p.434 # 1, 2, quiz

  Unit 3 - Astronomy    
Science Skills - Scientific Notation & Metric Unit Conversions

Handout & Worksheet

see also p.574-576 in text

complete WS p.1 & p.3
A21 Test - Electricity    
A20 Review - Electricity    



Power Generation   complete WS by Wednesday
A15 Practical Electricity  

Read p.368-370, 373, 376

Do p.376 # 2-5



Quiz - Current Electricity

A13 Electrical Power   do p.348 # 3, 4   p.351 # 21
A12 Assignment/Assessment - Equivalent Resistance  

read p.343-346, 348

do p.348 # 2, 6

A11 Equivalent Resistance in Series & Parallel   complete worksheet # 1-5
A08 Circuits in Series & Parallel   worksheet # 1, 2 (circuit diagrams only)
Lab/Activity - Series & Parallel Circuits
Current & Voltage Laws
Worksheet - Series & Parallel Circuits
complete worksheet 1-4, try 5

Introduction to Series & Parallel Circuits

Shopping & Student Analogies

  complete worksheet
A04 Work Period - Electricity Problems   complete worksheet
A01 Resistance   p.336 # 4, 5, 6
M31 Lab - Electric Potential Difference (Voltage)  

redo q# 4, 5 from yesterday

lab is due Monday

M30 Electric Potential Difference (Voltage)    
M29 Lab - Current Electricity   lab is due tomorrow

Quiz - Static Electricity

Returned & Took Up Test 1 - Chemistry

  no homework
M25 Current Electricity
M24 Controlling Static Electricity  

read p.313-318

complete WS parts C & D

Applications of Static Electricity

p.306 # 3, 4

p.312 # 5, 6

complete WS parts A & B

M22 Charging & Electroscopes

Handout - Charging & Electroscopes

WS - Extend Your Knowledge of Charges

complete WS for homework

M21 Lab Activity - Static Charges   submit activity questions for tomorrow



M10 Test - Unit 1 - Chemistry

Review - Unit 1 - Chemistry

Finish Lab - Gas Tests

M07 Lab - Gas Tests for Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Carbon Dioxide  

Lab due at the end of the week

(earlier if you are leaving early for March Break)

M03 Molecular Compounds & Chemical Formulas

Good diagrams & explanation of

ionic & molecular compounds


Quiz - The Atom & Periodic Table (F14-F25)


read p.265-267

answer p.267 # 1-5, 7

M01 Ionic Compounds   study for quiz
F28 Electron Arrangments & Chemical Reactivity  

Read p.258-264

Answer p.264 Q # 1, 2, 3

F25 Atomic Structure Worksheet - Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams complete B-R diagrams & 3 questions
F24 Inside the Atom Worksheet - Atomic Structure complete worksheet
F23 The Periodic Table & Periodic Families   complete worksheet from yesterday

Quiz - Properties, Changes, & Classification of Matter

The Periodic Table 


Worksheet - The Periodic Table

F17 Elements & The Periodic Table  

p.193 # 1-5 (without element cards)

prepare for quiz on Tuesday

F16 Chemical Symbols & Chemical Formulas   Read p.190-194
F15 Elements to Atoms  

Read p.183-186

Do Questions p.186 # 1, 3, 4

F14 Compounds & Elements  

Read p.175-182

Do Questions p.182 # 1-4

F11 Classification of Matter  

complete worksheet

don't forget lab due Monday!

F10 Lab - Observing Chemical Reactions

Lab - Observing Chemical Reactions

(due Monday)

take up WS on Physical and Chemical Changes

class discussion of SNC1D units

F08 Physical and Chemical Changes   complete lab for tomorrow

Physical Properties of Matter (continued)

- lab activity - observing physical properties

Lab - Physical Properties Lab - Observing Physical Properties - due Wed
F04 Physical Properties of Matter WS - Physical Properties of Matter Complete "WS - Physical Properties of Matter"

The Whirlybird - Day 3 - Last Day

Gather data on selected factor, summarize for class

Design your best Whirlybird using available data


Submit "Whirlybird Lab - Day 2" worksheet

Compete whirlybirds for best (longest) flight time


The Whirlybird - Day 2

Exploring Other Factors Affecting Flight Time

Whirlybird Template

Whirlybird Lab - Custom Hypothesis

Use accumulated data to design the best whirlybird

Welcome to SNC1D

Experiments Using the Scientific Method - The Whirlybird

Whirlybird Lab - Paper Clip Hypothesis
Complete Whirlybird Handout #1


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