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Language Resources
Input, Output, Variables              
A First Program x x x R R    
Simple Data Types x x x R R    
Simple Variables x x x R R    
Assign & Output Variables              
Formatting Output              
Input Data to Variables              
Avoiding Errors & Debugging              
Programs That Calculate              
Arithmetic Expressions              
Integer Division & Modulo              
Saving Expression Results              
Mathematical Functions              
Avoiding Errors & Debugging              
Decisions / Selection              
The IF Statement              
IF-ELSE Statements              
Boolean Operators              
Nested IF Statements              
Choosing Multiple Outcomes              
Switch-Case Statements              
Avoiding Errors & Debugging              
Counted Loops              
Extending Counted Loops              
Accumulating Values              
Conditional Loops - WHILE              
Conditional Loops - UNTIL              
Comparing Loop Structures              
Nesting Loop Structures              
File Input & Output              
Avoiding Errors & Debugging              





Tutorials & Examples
Exercises & Assignments
Input - Processing - Output
Simple Output

Presentation - Input, Processing, Output

Summary - Simple Output in Turing

VT - Simple Output in Turing

VT - Formatted Output in Turing

exercises attached to lesson
Variables & Data Types

Presentation - Input, Processing, Output

Presentation - Working Between Integers & Reals

VT - Variables & Data Types in Turing

VT - Assigning Values to Variables

VT - Boolean Variables in Turing

exercises attached to lesson
Simple Input

Presentation - Input, Processing, Output

Summary - Input (variables, spaces, multiple entries)

VT - Simple Input & Variables in Turing exercises attached to lesson
Mathematical Operations Summary - Basic Math, Different Kinds of Division, Modulo Operator    
Selection in Turing      
Conditional Statements - Comparing Values   VT - Conditional Operators - Introduction  

Selection Statements - If & If/Else

Turing Lesson # 2 - IF/ELSE Statements

Summary - IF/ELSE Statments

VT - Simple Selection Statements  exercises attached to lesson
Repetition in Turing      
Introduction to Counted Loops Turing Lesson - Counted Loops   exercises
For Loops Turing Lesson - For Loops    
Conditional Loops: Loop While & Loop Until

Turing Lesson - Conditional Loops 

Code Examples - Conditional Loops

Subroutines in Turing
Random Values Presentation - Random Values   random value exercises

Turing Lesson - Functions

Summary - Functions

  function exercises 

Presentation - Procedures

Summary - Procedures

Presentation - Using Procedures to Simplify Programs

  procedure exrcises