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ICS2O - Hardware 010203 - Quiz

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  1. random access memory

  2. central processing unit

  3. binary

  4. universal serial bus

    1. microprocessor/cpu,

    2. power supply/psu,

    3. storage/hard drive/hdd,

    4. ram/memory,

    5. gpu/graphics card/video card,

    6. motherboard

  5. what is a motherboard? role/importance?
    - "nervous system"
    - piece of technology where all other components plug in or connect
    - allows power to be distributed to all other components
    - allows for communication between components (a) commands, (b) data

  6. computer as a job title
    - a person or people who would solve math problem/equations for scientists, military, sailors/naval, architects/engineers
    - check their work against other "computers", and repeat calculation if a mistake found

  7. basic input output system (BIOS)
    - located in ROM chip on the motherboard
    - a PROGRAM that allows key components to operate (monitor, keyboard, mouse, date/time, storage/HDD)
    - loads OS from the hard drive

  8. cache RAM
    - fastest, smallest
    - on microprocessor
    - holds data on current operation or calculation
    - volatile, data lost when power off
    system RAM
    - fast, small
    - stores data of all running programs
    - volatile, data lost when power off
    hard drive
    - slow, large
    - store all data on computer
    - non-volatile, data is saved even when power is off

  9. microprocessor
    - "brains"
    - controls most activity on computer (sends out commands)
    - performs calculations (CPU)
    - CPU, cache ram

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