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ICS2O - 2014-2015 Semester 2 - Winter Term

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Introduction to Computer Studies, Grade 10

Prerequisite Course(s): NONE


"This course introduces students to computer programming.  Students will plan and write simple computer programs by applying fundamental programming concepts, and learn to create clear and maintainable internal documentation.  They will also learn to manage a computer by studying hardware configurations, software selection, operating system functions, networking, and safe computing practices.  Students will also investigate the social impact of computer technologies, and develop an understanding of environmental and ethical issues related to the use of computers."


Course Schedule

Date Topic Activity ~ Classwork ~ Homework Materials & Resources
J15 Summative Part 2 Hardware Unit Test

Key Concepts & Questions

(for short & long answer questions)





Summative Prep  



Summative Part 1 Programming Task (see Edmodo)  
M19 Random Values
  1. Presentation - Random Values
  2. Random Values Exercises
Nested Loops
  1. Lesson - Nested Loops
  2. counted loop exercises # 4, 6
  3. more counted loop exercises # 5
  4. Conditional Loops Exercises # 2, 3
VT - Nested Loops (loop within another loop)
M13 Work Period    
Conditional Loops
  1. Lesson - Conditional Loops 
  2. use video tutorials & code examples as support
  3. Exercises - Conditional Loops
  1. VT - Loops with Exit Condition at Beginning
  2. VT - Loops with Exit Condition at End
  3. Code Examples - Conditional Loops
Counted Loops
  1. Lesson - Counted Loops
  2. Use video tutorial to clarify lesson
  3. counted loop exercises
  4. more counted loop exercises
VT - Counted Loops

Turing Part 3:

Repetition (Loops)



Payroll Program

see Edmodo  
A29 Boolean Logical Operators
  1. Presentation - Logical Operators
  2. Exercises - Selection Part B
    (try Part C if done Part B)
  1. VT - AND/OR Logical Operations
  2. VT - Boolean Variables with Logical Operators

Nested Selection Statements

(more than two choices)

  1. Presentation - Nested Selection Statements
  2. Exercises - Selection Part B
  1. VT - Nested Selection Statements
  2. Summary - IF/ELSE Statments

Introduction to Selection:

Decisions using IF/ELSE

  1. Presentation - Simple If/Else Statements
  2. Exercises - Simple Decisions Part A # 1, 2, 4
VT - Simple Selection Statements
VT - Conditional Operators - Introduction

Turing Part 2:

Selection (IF/ELSE)
A23 Quiz - Networks, Security, OS    
Computer System Performance
Lesson - Computer System Performance
Operating Systems
  1. Lesson - Operating Systems
  2. Worksheet (see Edmodo)

Windows 7 vs Linux

Windows 8 vs OSX

Linux Ubuntu vs Windows 8

How Stuff Works - Operating Systems



Budget & Build a Computer

see Edmodo

- remember to submit each day

A13 Security Solutions
  1. Lesson - Security Solutions
A10 Security Threats
  1. Lesson - Security Threats
  2. Worksheet (see Edmodo)
A08 Binary Number Systems
  1. Watch this video tutorial.
  2. Worksheet (see Edmodo)
  3. ASCII chart with decimal values
  4. Create your own "Binary to Decimal" conversion program in Scratch.
    Scratch Template Program
A07 Home Networks
  1. Lesson - Home Networks
  2. Worksheet (see Edmodo)
A02 Networking Protocols
  1. Lesson - Networking Protocols
  2. Worksheet (see Edmodo)



A01 Computer Networks
  1. Lesson - Computer Networks
  2. Worksheet (see Edmodo)
  3. Continue work on IPO Assignment

VT - Computer Networking 1 2

HSW - Home Networks

HSW - Client-Server Computing


Hardware Part 2:

Networks & Security

Assignment - IPO
Restaurant Order

see Edmodo

Review - Hardware

Quest - Hardware

  • 1st half: review hardware
    finish worksheets
  • 2nd half: written quiz/test


(Literacy Test)

Go to your assigned classroom

(posted outside main office)

  1. Lesson - Calculations & Saving to Variables
  2. Exercises on Calculation & Variables
Input & Variables
  1. Presentation - Input 
  2. Work on [Input Exercises
  1. VT - Input & Variables
  2. VT - Saving Data to Variables
  Output in Turing
  1. Work on [Output Exercises]

Introduction to Turing

  • basic output
  • basic input
  • simple variables
  • look at lessons and exercises on output, input, and calculations

Turing Part 1:


M13 Power and Heat worksheet: submit to Edmodo  
M12 Peripheral Devices    
M11 Computer Graphics worksheet: submit to Edmodo  
M10 Computer Storage worksheet: submit to Edmodo  
M09 Microprocessors & CPUs worksheet: submit to Edmodo  
Intro to Computer Hardware worksheet: submit to Edmodo  

Hardware Part 1:

Computer Components

M04 Flappy Bird   Flappy Bird Example Files

Create a video game




Develop an Android Application


Game Resources:

F25 Assignment - Repetition see Edmodo for assignment  
      Computing & Robotics Workshop for High School Students
F24 Repetition in Scratch
  1. Presentation - Repetition
  2. continue with Loop Exercises
  3. continue with game ideas
  1. VT: Counted Loops
  2. VT: Conditional Loops


Repetition - Counted Loops


  1. VT: Counted Loops
  2. Loop Exercises (any order, do ones that interest you)
  3. Keep thinking about a possible video game idea

Game Resources:



Repetition - Counted Loops   
  1. VT: Counted Loops
  2. VT: Conditional Loops
  3. Loop Exercises
  Scratch Part 3: Repetition    




Assignment - Quiz Game see Edmodo for PDF  

Selection - 3 or More Choices

(Nested Selection Statements)

  1. Presentation - Nested Selection in Scratch
  2. Exercises - Selection Part B

Selection - Making Decisions 

  1. Presentation - Selection in Scratch
  2. Exercises - Selection Part A

Scratch Part 2:





Assignment - IPO
Assignment - IPO - Simple Calculations see Edmodo
F06 Work Period
  • continue IPO Exercises
  • continue Scratch Tutorials
    (unit 1, 3, 4, 5)
F05 Math Calculations in Scratch
  1. Lesson - Calculations in Scratch
  2. Scratch Exercises - Input/Processing/Output

VT: Basic Arithmetic


F04 Input-Output in Scratch continue with Scratch Programming Tutorials  



Introduction to Scratch
  1. Install Scratch on your computer.
  2. Setup your ICS2O file structure
    [Note - File Organization & History]
  3. Create a sub-folder: 01 Scratch
    You will save all of your Scratch programs here
  4. Work through the provided tutorials (Units 1, 3, 4, 5).
    It is not necessary to save your work for these.

Scratch programming block tutorials


Scratch Part 1:



  Programming in Scratch   [All Scratch Lessons]



Introduction to Programming

go to Code.org:

  1. do the "hour of code" activity
  2. Finished? Try the Lightbot programming/logic game.

Introduction to ICS2O

  1. OCDSB student accounts & passwords
  2. Edmodo accounts (join the ICS2O Edmodo Group)
  3. Google student accounts & google drive
  4. Read [Note - File Organization & History] and setup your file structure

Why Learn to Code?

Did You Know? (Youtube Video)

Cisco Top 25 Predictions


describe postsecondary education and career prospects related to computer studies

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